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FAQ — How does it work? 

Once a Crypto Basic Income for 1 year is raised ($12.000) you will get your winning number and the date of the raffle.

Please fill in the form with information exactly as given in your ID card. We need it to confirm your identity in case you win the UBI.

Participation in the raffle is free of charge. We keep your data safe.

Do you have any questions regarding Crypto Basic Income?

1What is Crypto Basic Income?

CBI (Crypto Basic Income) is an initiative launched by us in 2021 and is entirely funded by donations. Anyone can join 100% free of charge.

In our draw, we define Crypto Basic Income as an amount of $1000 per month. This amount is roughly the average of the poverty line in the EU/US. Each person who wins will receive a monthly/annual transfer directly to their Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet for a period of one year and will receive a total of $12,000. All citizens 16 years and older are eligible to participate in our raffle.

We define the 4 relevant core aspects:

  • There should be enough to live on and for cultural and social participation
  • Possible for every single person
  • Enforceable as a human right
  • Without any conditions


2How will I know if I won the CBI?

If you win, we will contact you immediately by email. Please make sure that our emails do not end up in your SPAM filter.
Additionally, you can easily subscribe to our newsletter. From time to time the newsletter will inform you about the next raffle date, the results of the raffle and news from CryptoBasicIncome.

We raffle the basic income transparently by randomly selecting a person. You are free to decide if you want to be displayed as a winner on our website.

3How is this project funded?

Only through donations! All team members work on a voluntary basis without receiving a salary for their work. The donations are divided into two pots. The majority of the donations goes into the basic income that we give away. The remaining part of the donations covers our costs like IT tools and website fees, mailing providers and others.

4How can I support the CBI project?

There are many ways to support us. If you would like to donate to our project, please use our donation page.

Our goal is to stimulate the Universal Basic Income discussion and motivate you to talk to as many people as possible about CBI. You can support us by asking your family and friends: what would you change in your life if you received a basic income? We promise interesting answers and very inspiring discussions.

Please share our website as well as the European Citizens' Initiative on Basic Income via social media channels, WhatsApp, other messengers or simply email your family and friends.

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